Microphone Amplifier Sensor

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CJMCU9812 MAX9812L Electret Microphone Microphone Amplifier Sensor Module

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CJMCU-9812 MAX9812L Electret Microphone Microphone Amplifier ARDUINO Sensor Module Note: MIC microphone head free to send, the quality of the general, or the customer to configure a better microphone microphone head.
The MAX9812 is a single / dual input, 20dB fixed gain microphone amplifier.
They have a small package size, built-in low noise microphone bias, suitable for such as laptops, mobile phones, handheld computers and other portable audio devices.
These amplifiers have a gain bandwidth of 500kHz, output up to full swing, with industry-leading 100dB power supply rejection, very low THD + N (0.015%).
Also has a series of power-saving features: only 230 ??A A power supply current, the overall shutdown mode can supply current and bias current sum to 100nA.

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