Charger Board & DC-DC Step Up

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NEW Lithium Li-ion 18650 3.7V 4.2V Battery Charger Board DC-DC Step Up Boost Module TP4056 DIY Kit Parts

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100% Brand New and High Quality
Can be used for multimeter, converted to lithium battery charging
For example: VIN+Port input 5V solar panels, BAT+port can output 4.2V to charger 3.7V 18650 battery
Note: The OUT+Port can output an adjustable voltage.

Input voltage: 4.5-8V DC
Output voltage: 4.3-27V DC (Continuously adjustable)
Charging voltage: 4.2V DC
Charging current: Max. 1A
Discharging current: Max. 2A
Size: 3.3×2.3cm/1.3×0.91″
Quantity: 1 Pcs

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