TP5100 2A 1S/2S


TP5100 4.2v 8.4v Single Double Lithium Battery Charge Management Li-ion Battery Compatible 2A Charging Board

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Input voltage: 5-15V DC power supply.
Charge status: full and unloaded blue lights, charging red.
Double 8.4v / 4.2v lithium rechargeable single .
Programmable charge current. 0. 1A-2A .
Programmable steady precharge current 10% -100%.
Wide operating voltage, maximum reach I8V.
Red and green LED charge status indicator.
Chip temperature protection, overcurrent protection, under voltage protection.
Battery temperature protection, reverse battery shutdown, short circuit protection.
Switching frequency 400Khz, usable inductance 20uH and more.
PWR_ON Power battery for switching control.


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