Laser Sensor Receiving Module


Laser Sensor Receiving Module ?Non-modulator tub) Laser output High Level

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This Laser Non-modulator Tub Sensor Receiving Module Laser output High Level is a sensor for raspberry pi and ARDUINO to receive the laser output and decode it digital data. At Input, the module Receive laser signal when output high level; Does not receive laser signal when output low level. On detecting a laser signal, output goes at a high level (5V) until the laser signal is there.

Features :
PCB Color: Green
Output high level when received the laser signal
Output low level when not receive laser signal.
Application: Electronic Circuits
Package Includes
1 x Laser Non-modulator Tub Sensor Receiving Module

Note: The sensor uses a non-modulated laser receiver, recommended to use in dimmer light or indoor environments.


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